Wedding Dance Lesson

Your Special Dance…Make Your Wedding Dance Unforgettable and filled with Romantic Memories!

With just a few lessons we can create a simple and yet elegant routine that will have your guests wishing for more!

We want to help you by making your dance perfect and stress-free by creating an easy to remember and yet beautiful routine that you will enjoy performing and rehearsing!


You are giving your daughter way…a bitter sweet day. Help create a special video moment with a nice wedding dance routine for your “Baby Girl” as you dance and celebrate her Special Wedding Day?

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Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are the fastest way to obtain your dancing goals. Each lesson is 50 minutes in length and available by appointment only.

You will receive personalized and focused instruction from our professional-trained instructors using an individually tailored dance program. We will design this program to suit your needs and desires; you can choose the most popular social dances or you can pick and choose the dances of your choice

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Private Group Lessons

Private group dance lessons are a fun way to learn dancing with your friends, family, co-workers, singles groups and wedding parties. This also offers you the opportunity to choose the dance styles, times and days you would like for your lessons. All classes must be paid in advance for this service and you need a minimum of 6 couples.

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Regular Group Lessons

Group dance lessons are taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with other students.  One instructor conducts the class while other instructors roam the floor helping you as needed. Changing partners is optional, but encouraged.  We find this is the most effective way to get the most out of the group dance lessons.  It aids in developing good leading and following skills.

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Private Same Sex Dance Lessons

At Phill’s Ballroom Dance Studio, we are dedicated to personalizing dance lessons that meet the needs of Orange County’s Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual, Transgender community. We offer a variety of ballroom and Latin dances, which also include Swing, Country Western, and Hustle. If you are planning a wedding and needing to learn a First Dance or just want to add a new activity to your relationship, we are the experts! What ever your goal, you will be taught in a warm and friendly non-judgmental venue.

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Types of Ballroom Dances
Foxtrot / Waltz / Tango / Peabody
Types of Latin Dances
Salsa / Cumbia / Merengue / Cha-Cha / Rumba / Samba
Types of Swing Dances
East Coast / West Coast / All Rhythms / Lindy Hop / Nightclub / Hustle / Slow
Types of Freestyle / Country Dances
Country / 2-Step / Night Club

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