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Add Dance To Your Wedding

We will choreograph and teach you your “special” dance.

A wedding is an extraordinary event that celebrates the  union of two unique individuals for life. Because this is such a special occasion, you want everything to be perfect; the ring, the ceremony,the catering, the flowers, and the reception. In short, you want the occasion to be incredibly and indelibly etched in your lifetime of memories. What better way to create the perfect memory of your wedding than with a special First Dance as husband & wife?

We can create a unique and special dance just for you. We also offer Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Parents’ Honor, and Bridal Party Dance Programs.

We offer a number of approaches to help couples prepare for their First Dance, from the basics of partner dancing to a fully choreographed routine. You should allow at least two months for the basic First Dance program or at least three months to create a choreographed First Dance routine. Some last minute “get by” options are also available.

It could be…….

  • A graceful Waltz or elegant Foxtrot with both partners twirling and changing as lead dancer.
  • A sexy, dramatic Tango with one partner taking the lead.
  • A lively Swing, Cha-Cha or rousing Country Western 2-Step.
  • A combination of 2 or more dances.
  • A fun theatrical number.
  • A special dance to include your wedding party.

Be unique on your special day. Don’t get stuck with a high school prom shuffle!

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