About Our Dance Studio

Our Story

Phill’s Ballroom Dance Studio opened its doors in 1977, making it the oldest social dance studio in Orange County.

The studio is a private lesson dance studio that offers lessons in all styles of social dance enabling partners, who never met before, to be able to dance together, as opposed to the flashy stage and competition style that requires both partners to know the choreography ahead of time. In addition, we offer one group lesson per week for students who prefer group lessons. All group lessons are complimentary for private lesson students.

In both the private and the group lessons a strong emphasis is placed on technique, the various rhythms and dance holds — the three most important elements needed for leading and following a partner. Students are provided with both the basic concepts of the dance and the tools for improvisation. A great effort is made to enable students to feel comfortable in any social dance venue, including a large ballroom and a crowded night club floor.


There is a reason why only a few dance studios stay in business for over 30 years!


  • PRICE: We have the lowest tuition rate in all of Orange County and you receive one FREE group dance lesson with each private dance lesson you enroll.
  • QUALITY: All of our teachers are personally chosen and receive the highest training available so they can better pass our product on to you. Teachers are not only chosen because of their dance skills but must have the personality, the knowledge and the patience to work with a variety of students. Each student is an individual and has different learning capabilities, which makes it important for teachers to be versatile in their teaching skills.
  • STUDENT SATISFACTION: Phill has been teaching students to dance for over 40 years of which the last 30 have been in the Orange County area. You just have to talk with present and past students to see how the satisfaction rates. We have students who have been with Phill’s Ballroom for anywhere from one to twenty years. Why do people stay this long? It’s fun, good exercise, there’s always something new to learn and the opportunity to make new friends.
  • COMFORTABLE ATMOSPHERE: At Phill’s Ballroom there are no contracts to keep you active. We have no private sales rooms to pressure you into buying lessons. Teachers devote 100% of the lesson time teaching you to dance. No time is wasted selling you future dance lessons. Our motto is: “If you are learning and having fun you will continue to take lessons.” We don’t believe in the dreaded contract or pressure sales to keep you with us.
  • INTEGRITY: No games, gimmicks, tricks or “special” priced lessons to get you in the door… just honest value for the money.​
  • ACTIVITIES:We offer a variety of fun activities, such as dance outings, parties studio practice dances and dance cruises. Going in a group always makes dancing more fun.

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